Advancing Private Aviation

With innovations making private aviation easier to access, more efficient, faster and more comfortable, Chief Executive magazine reached out to our own CEO Chris Bull to learn more about the latest advancements in flying private for business. Bull emphasized the growing need for speed as executives seek to minimize their time out of the office while remaining connected to their teams, investors and customers throughout the United States – and beyond.


“Post-pandemic, we’re seeing a lot more businesses fly their executives private than previously,” said Bull. “There’s an element of urgency to minimize their time out of the office and to reduce non-useful work time, and they can pick up 45 minutes or an hour per trip. You can hold a series of meetings in Illinois and be back in Florida for lunch.”


Chief Executive noted SpeedBird’s Citation X and Beech 400A jets are among some of the most in-demand aircraft for busy executives. Surpassing others in range, speed and comfort, SpeedBird’s three Citation X jets are perfect for nonstop, transcontinental flights. Its recently refurbished Beech 400A jets likewise provide maximum comfort in a lighter jet that is the fastest in its class.


You may access the online article here.