Safety Commitment

There is nothing we take more seriously than our commitment to your safety. We hold every Northern Jet aircraft, as well as every Northern Jet pilot and technician, accountable to the industry’s highest safety standards. When you fly with Northern Jet, you can rest assured that the safety of you and your party is our highest priority.

ARGUS Platnium

ARGUS platnium

The ARGUS Charter Operator Rating symbolizes compliance to an internationally-recognized standard of excellence. Our ARGUS Platnium rating is a testament to the quality of our safety standards, operational control, and pilots.


When you fly with Northern Jet, you will have confidence knowing the pilot of your aircraft has gone through rigorous training, as well as ongoing education. A Northern Jet pilot is an expertly skilled navigator who is held to the highest of safety standards.

Maintenance Commitment

A safe flying experience is, first and foremost, our primary objective and the most important benefit we offer you. Part of this commitment to safety includes a strict commitment to the maintenance of our fleet.


At Northern Jet, we have full on-site maintenance teams whose sole missions are to ensure that every jet in our fleet does what it needs to do – when it needs to do it. Through proactive and ongoing maintenance, we succeed in keeping each and every aircraft in stellar condition.