cessna cj2

The Cessna CJ2 is one of the world’s most popular jets. And with a perfect blend of speed, comfort, and price per flight hour, it’s easy to see why. Seating up to six passengers, the Cessna CJ2 features a stretched cabin and wingspan.

Unparalleled Comfort

If you are planning a short-to-mid-range trip, the CJ2 is the ideal aircraft for you. Also a great choice for high-altitude destinations, the CJ2 offers unparalleled comfort so you arrive at your destination relaxed and ready for whatever your plans entail.


The details behind the CJ2 help tell the story of this magnificent aircraft. For starters, the CJ2 is reliable. It’s dispatch reliability is, quite frankly, best in its class. It’s also efficient. The CJ2 is the best private jet in cost per mile when compared to other aircrafts in the same class.


The CJ2 has a maximum speed of 468 mph, which makes this aircraft a popular choice for discerning customers who want speed, comfort, and reliability. 

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