Northern Jet: Elevating the Skies with the Fusion of SpeedBird and Northern Jet Management

Orlando, FL, July 21, 2023 Two renowned private jet charter companies, SpeedBird and Northern Jet Management, have recently completed their merger, creating a powerful alliance set to dominate the private aviation industry. Today, the companies proudly announce their official decision to rebrand as “Northern Jet,” – reflecting their commitment to modernization, innovation, and providing the ultimate customer experience.


A Reimagined Identity

The rebrand captures the essence of their shared vision to redefine luxury air travel. As part of this transformation, Northern Jet has meticulously crafted a new logo reflecting the elegance, sophistication, and seamless travel experience that the company embodies.


“We are thrilled to embark on this journey as Northern Jet, combining the strengths of two exceptional companies to redefine private jet charter experiences,” said CEO Chris Bull. “Our commitment to personalized service, safety, and quality will be at the forefront as we strive to provide our clients with the most exceptional travel experiences possible.”


Elevated Aesthetics

Northern Jet sets the standard for contemporary luxury in private aviation. As part of the rebrand, the company’s bases at Grand Rapids (GRR), Orlando (ORL), and Naples (APF) airports are undergoing modernization, offering clients a welcoming and opulent environment from the moment they step into the facilities. Additionally, many aircraft in the fleet will receive interior upgrades this summer, signaling a more modern future.


Sartorial Elegance in the Skies

In a commitment to excellence, Northern Jet is introducing meticulously designed pilot uniforms that reflect the professionalism and style the company represents. Pilots adorned in these new uniforms will ensure a sophisticated and seamless journey for passengers.


Emphasizing the Customer Experience

At Northern Jet, clients are the focal point of everything they do. The rebrand reinforces the company’s dedication to providing the best customer experience in the industry. From booking to the completion of the journey, the attentive team ensures that every detail is meticulously managed, tailored to the unique preferences and needs of each individual traveler.


Safety and Quality – Cornerstones of Northern Jet

The safety and comfort of clients are paramount. Northern Jet adheres rigorously to industry-leading safety standards and meticulously maintains its aircraft to ensure the highest level of quality and performance.


About Northern Jet

Northern Jet is a leading private jet charter company formed through the merger of SpeedBird and Northern Jet Management. With bases at Grand Rapids, Orlando, and Naples airports, Northern Jet offers an extensive fleet of 40 aircraft, a team of over 240 dedicated professionals, and an unwavering commitment to delivering the best customer experience in the industry.


Media Contact:

Katie Bull

Chief Strategy Officer